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Mood Management and the Legal Framework

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Bernard Allen is on the register of Expert Witnesses and is a member of the Society of Expert Witness, (vetted 2011, 2012 and 2013) 

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Another of our supported charities is Friends of Aarti Home. It began with a single abandoned 3 year old girl found on the streets of Kadapa in 1992. Since then Aarti has sheltered 250 girls and saved 800 young women from trafficking. The tragedy of missing girls in India can only be alleviated if the women can be helped to become agents of change, rather than partners in crime. Click on the logo to find out how you can help too. 

We also support engage. Engage in their future is an association for leaders in the management of children with BESD (behavioural, emotional and social difficulties), that seeks innovative solutions to improving the learning environment. We also work to provide the highest quality of education, care and life chances for children with BESD, and to provide a collective voice for those with challenging behaviour and those working with them . Click on the "engage" logo for more information.

Why are we called "Steaming"?

The following are definitions from the internet:

1/ A blackjack term where a player has lost emotional control and is betting more aggressively and often recklessly in an attempt to turn things round.

2/ A computer gaming term to describe a player who travels around the game with great energy but little apparent strategy.

3/ A drinking term used to describe somebody who is very, very drunk.

Not sure which of these best captures the ethos of the company.  Also in an effort to boost the self-esteem of teachers we have placed a number of deliberate spelling and punctuation errors across this site. I should be extremely grateful if somebody would remind us where they are...

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